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20 May 2022

Emerging Issues in Pediatric Dengue

WSPID Webinar

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1. Welcome & Introductions (Moderators) - 5 min

2. Dengue: A neglected disease or a global threat? (Bridget Wills) - 15 min

3. Immunologic, pathophysiologic and clinical basis for optimal case management of pediatric dengue (Anna Ong-Lim) - 20 min

4. Hot topics in vector control (Luciano Moreira) - 15 min

5. Q&A (All speakers) - 20 min


Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize the importance/relevance of pediatric dengue locally and globally

2. Understand recent changes in case management

3. Improve knowledge on broad scientific correlates to optimize clinical management of children with dengue

4. Understand new vector control strategies that do not affect the ecology of the mosquito